A Clip of Hollywood Dying....

You can find almost anything on You Tube. I reckon that's the beauty of it. In this clip, we see it's a birthday party, or tribute of sorts, to Elizabeth Taylor. The date is December 1st, 1977.  Many big and upcoming names in the business are there, including John Travolta, Paul Newman, Robert Blake, and others. The interesting thing about this clip is,  is that it's sort of  the last dying breath of Old Hollywood. Not that Hollywood was ever pure in any form, but there was a more dignified expression among the Stars of the previous Era. There is a more innocent feeling about this. It's when even in the secular world, people valued something more than just shaking the sheets.

At this time in the 1970's, Hollywood had been rapidly changing for almost a decade, and the  old guard was passing away. The films were becoming more geared towards nudity and forms of smut. Perhaps Hollywood was always that way, and at this point the mask was slipping. None-the-less , midway…

Christmas Card From Meade Skelton


Meade's Christmas Livestream (Merry Christmas!)


O Holy Night


Recognized By Fans !

I some times forget that I'm a public figure. I assume most no one has heard of me. But upon occasion I will be reminded by someone I encounter in public that has heard of me or my music, or both. that there is definitely more people that know of me, than not.  I usually air on the side of caution when being approached by strangers, but I am very appreciative of people who enjoy the music and I really think they are swell! Some times people do ask me if I'm that musician guy who wrote the "sweet tea song"... Or they mention hipsters.  I get approached by a lot of people from out of nowhere and usually when I am least expecting it.

The other night , a man next to me in the check out line of Kroger's,  was singing the words to "Sweet Tea". He then broke out into some song by the Georgia Satellites. I guess he didn't want me to know who he was ,but that he know who I was.  So, things like this do happen! He definitely had good taste in music. Some peo…

A New Band I Discovered: The Mamas and The Pepes...

Yes, that's right, Pepe's! They're grrrrreat ! I discovered them on GAB, actually. What a fantastic plethora of songs they do about the current state of affairs. This is their latest offering: Gaslight. Quite a fun and interesting little ditty!  They don't have much of a following, but they certainly should. I look forward to hearing more tunes from them. Discovering underground music is really nifty.  The best way to describe their sound is Conservative Rock.  Some of my favorite tunes by them include "Anchor Baby" ,  and the wonderful "Degeneracy". Hope to catch a live show from them soon.

My personal favorite:

A newer offering:

Also, check them out at Bandcamp:

MEADE SKELTON: Clean Livin' Official Music Video